An Incredible place for medical care.

Al Baseer is a free-of-cost hospital whose mission is to give clinical practice, education, and research facilities. It also caters to experts and group of patients who needs treatment. Al Baseer Hospital is more than a place to induct the doctors or your workforce into the modern world. It’s the main campus in Pindi Bhattian. Millions of patients from all over the conurbations and various metropolises travel to this hospital to get the best medical facilities. Al Baseer hospital ensures that distance under no circumstances becomes a hurdle for the patients to get the best available medical services.

  • Emergency service

    For every unpredicted situation, our services are available.

  • 24/7/365 Availability

    We are there to help you out, irrespective of time.

  • Free Checkups

    We offer free-of-cost medical services.

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Chairman Message

chairmain massage

Mohammad Siddiq Chaudhry


In the name of Allah the most beneficient, the most merciful.
Chaitable work is a great matter that has always been encouraged by our Doctrines brought forth by our truthful faith and laws since it was advocated by our Noble Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
I Acknowledge the untiring efforts and contribution of my collegues, volunteers, sponsorers and above all the staff. We are extremely proud of our long heritage in the domain of quality in healthcare. I lookforward to the support from Friends, public and volunteers in different segments of AlBaseer Hospital for the continuous success of this endeavour.

Mohammad Siddiq Chaudhry.

Chief Executive Message

ceo message

DR M Ashraf Noon

Chief Exective Officer

I’m honored to tell you that this incredible human welfare project named Al Baseer Hospital was inaugurated in 2009. On behalf of my team of doctors and specialist assures you that all underprivileged will be facilitated with accessible medical facilities. This hospital gives top-quality services to the best-experienced eye specialist and other doctors. Al Baseer Hospital has a license from the Ministry of Health, and it is the hospital that gives ‎diagnostic and eye surgery services in the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan.‎ More than ‎‏6,895 patients are served with 589 free successful eye operations. As a civic hospital, we feel an unfathomable sense of pride and allegiance to all those who have their trust in us. Our primary focus is to give exceptional care that surpasses national touchstones in quality, protection, and patient satisfaction.

Al Baseer hospital is particularly for eye services, but other medication services are also given, such as cardiology, gynecology, general surgery, radiology, and ECG. Four hundred eighty-eight free camps are arranged to facilitate patients. We feel honor to be a part of a brilliant team of doctors who are sincere about giving patients and their families the best care.


Our mission is to give hope and to contribute to the health & well-being of every patient through education and research. Our priority is our patients.


Give excellent eye treatment so everyone can see the world.

Value Statement of Al Baseer:

The value statement of Al Baseer Hospital is as follows;
Treat every patient with dignity.
Our integrity is to work with professionalism, ethics, and personal guilt. We value the trust of our patients in us.
Provide outstanding care to patients with sensitivity and empathy.

ceo message

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Excellent Services



Excellent Services

Best free hospital for eye checkup

Excellent Services

Rai Ashiq


Excellent Services

Good services by professional doctors

Excellent Services

Raj Bibi


Excellent Services


Excellent Services

Khan Muhammad kharel


Excellent Services

I recently had an incredible experience at Al Baseer Hospital. The staff was caring and attentive, ensuring my comfort throughout my stay. The doctors were knowledgeable and took the time to explain my condition and treatment options. View More

Our Team

We have the team of most excellent and highly experienced team.

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Dr M Ashraf Noon

  • C.E.O
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Dr Sohaib Ali Noon

  • Director Operations
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M Shafique Rattalla

  • Head of Accounts
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  • H.R
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M Arshad

  • Administration
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